Miscellaneous Copper Items

Here is a selection of miscellaneous items. Variations of some of these items are also shown on other pages of our web site.

We provide custom fabrication and installation services, so please let us know if you have any other ideas of your own!



Copper beam caps

Copper finial ("Chinese cap") for turret roof.

Custom copper cupola with copper louvers and gem-style finial.

Beam Caps

Turret Cap on Ground

Copper Cupola

Custom copper vent dormer.

Copper finial for turret roof, installed.

  Custom copper gutter, curved counter flashing.

Copper Roof Vent Dormer

Turret Cap Installed

Low Profile Copper Gutter


Here is an example of a project we built for a sign company. They are column caps, which are situated atop stone sign columns at a housing addition. They began with a fabricated steel frame, then had plywood roof sheathing attached with screws, 30# roof felt, and were finished with a black aluminum standing seam roof. These units are 5'-8"square.