Custom Copper Standing Seam Roof Systems

Here is a selection of copper standing seam roofs. The seam height is one inch, and the panel width is usually sixteen inches. Depending on the exact dimensions of the section in question, it may be desirable to customize the panel width. We can do these in custom panel widths for smaller jobs, and utilize roll-formed panels for larger jobs. The panel width can be selected from a range of widths in one-inch increments. All other components are custom fabricated for your specific project.



Copper standing seam roof under window.




The next photo shows a black membrane (called Ice & Water Shield) below the bottom portion of the drip edge. This membrane covers the entire surface of the underlying wood deck to prevent ice dams or water infiltration under the copper panels. When the gutter was installed, it was placed on top of the Ice & Water Shield, and behind the copper drip edge.