Custom Copper Gutters

You may have a project that is located in a historic area, or may simply be attempting to duplicate a unique gutter or downspout profile. We have the capability to fabricate certain custom copper gutter profiles that are no longer commercially available. We do this on a job-by-job basis, by gathering information from the existing units. We also install standard 6" K-style and 5" or 6" half-round gutters, and standard rectangular copper downspouts.

This copper gutter was fabricated to replicate an existing custom gutter profile. This customer specified painted aluminum downspouts, in order to match the color of the stucco walls. We prefer not to mix 'n' match metals, but we will combine copper and aluminum for you, if you want. Mixing galvanized steel with either of the other two is not recommended.



Here is a series of photos from a job that called for the replication of a 6" custom half-round gutter profile. A standard half-round gutter utilizes a 3/8" rolled bead at the leading edge. This profile called for a 1" square box section, instead. They were attached with twisted copper bar hangers, custom-made from 1/8" bar stock. These gutters are very strong, and can handle a ladder leaning against them quite well. This job was completed with the installation of 4" round downspouts.

Custom copper half-round gutter, retro-fitted to a modified bitumen flat roof.


Custom copper half-round gutters and downspout under modified bitumen flat roof.


Custom copper half-round gutter with 4" round downspout.


Custom copper half-round gutters.


The profile below is different from the one above. Also, when this gutter replacement was completed, it was chemically treated to produce the characteristic copper patina. Notice the old patina color on the light fixture below it. In less than thirty minutes after treatment, this gutter was green.


The lower gutter in this picture is a standard 6" K-style. The upper gutter is a 5" half-round style, which was selected to match the original construction.


Below are some jobs for which standard 6" K-style gutters were selected.