Custom Copper Chimney Saddles

The purpose of a custom copper chimney saddle is two-fold: to divert the flow of water around your chimney, and to prevent the accumulation of ice behind it. When ice or snow is allowed to build up behind a chimney, it is more likely to find a way to get into your house as it begins to thaw.

After the wood framing and decking is completed (if not already present), the next step is to apply ice & water shield underlayment. This is a self-adhesive membrane that provides excellent protection for this critical area. After the copper saddle is installed, additional ice & water shield is applied to its edges, and is tucked up under the roof underlayment. This provides a complete seal before any of the roof material is applied.

If you are contemplating the replacement of your roof, or if you just need to have a leaking chimney repaired, please contact us. In the case of a repair, we will do all of the necessary work, no matter the type of roof. If a total roof replacement is needed, we will work with your roofing contractor to ensure your chimney saddle is done right the first time.


Custom copper chimney saddle.


Custom copper chimney saddle.


Custom copper chimney saddle, stepped copper counter flashing.


Custom copper chimney saddle with stepped copper counter flashing.