Copper Flat-Lock Soldered Roof Panel System

Here is a series of photos showing a typical installation of the copper flat-lock roof panel system, also known as flat seam copper roofing. Panels for this type of roof are typically 18" x 24" nominal size when being fabricated, but can be custom-sized, if necessary. This particular panel size covers an average roof area of approximately 15 1/2" x 21 1/2".

Eaves and rakes are fitted with custom fabricated style "T" drip edge, onto which the panels are crimped. All components are fastened in place by the use of clips with hidden fasteners (we prefer stainless steel screws but copper roofing nails are also acceptable).

As installation progresses, the panels are hammered down flat, first with a rubber mallet, and then with a dead-blow hammer. This allows the seams to lay as flat as possible, in preparation for the soldering phase.

Walls are flashed in a manner similar to that utilized with copper standing seam roofing. A copper wall flashing is fabricated and attached to the top or side row of the flat seam roof panels, and also attached to the wall. In the case of a masonry wall, such as brick, stone, or concrete, counter flashing is also fabricated and installed. To do this, a groove is cut into the masonry wall, that groove is then filled with a high-quality sealant, the flashing is inserted, and a final bead of sealant is applied.


Custom Copper Saddle On Copper Flat-Lock Roof


Flat lock copper roof with stepped counter flashing.


Copper flat lock roof with small custom copper soil pipe.


Soldered Copper Flat Lock Roof.


Copper flat lock roof with straight copper counter flashing.


Copper flat lock roof with custom copper counter flashing.


Copper flat lock roof with view of head wall flashing.