Copper Cupolas and Finials

These are unique decorative items that will add eye-catching detail to your home. We only manufacture and install cupolas and finials that are 100% copper exterior. This is so they never need to be painted or caulked. In our experience, the most common cause of cupola leakage or failure is lack of routine maintenance. They are, after all, relatively inaccessible.

We can help you calculate the correct width for your cupola. All you need is the length of the ridgeline (in feet) onto which the cupola will be mounted, multiplied by 1.25. This will give the proper width measurement in inches. For example, a ridgeline measurement of 24 feet x 1.25 = 30 inches. This is just a guideline, though.

Length and width should be equal, or square in shape. We recommend the height be at least twenty percent more than the width for optimum appearance, but your personal taste should govern the final design. The height of the cupola below is about three hundred percent more than its width.



The wooden cupola directly below was manufactured and installed by others. We manufactured and installed only its copper roof.


In the next four pictures on this page, the finial size is 9x9x48". We will manufacture them in other sizes if you prefer.