Copper Barrel Dormers

Transform an ordinary dormer into a distinctive feature of your home by adding copper barrel dormers. These are standing seam copper roofs that are curved over the top of the roof section, rather than being flat, or gabled, like other areas. The top can be a slight radius, or can be all the way up to a half-circle. If you are building a new home or remodeling an older one, these can add style to your project.

Since these are custom made to the exact size and shape of your dormer, it is necessary for this work to be performed on-site. Beware of claims that these can be built and shipped to you from a far away land, and that they will fit perfectly. No element of your home will ever be built exactly like the blueprint. There are always minor (and sometimes major) variations that can only be properly addressed in the first person. We don't just fabricate these items for your home, we also install them. That means we take full responsibility for the proper fabrication and installation of everything we make. You will not be left wondering who to point the finger at if something doesn't fit. If there are any irregularities in your home's framing, we will make sure they are properly dealt with before we perform the installation. All you will need to do is look up and enjoy your finished product.

Please contact us for more information about the replacement or addition of copper barrel dormer roofs on your home.


Copper barrel dormer standing seam roof.


Copper barrel dormer standing seam roof, 180 degree radius.


Copper barrel dormer standing seam roof - top view.


Copper barrel dormer roof with window.


Copper barrel dormer flat seam roof - side view.


The picture below shows what this dormer looked like before it was replaced.


Copper barrel dormer flat seam roof - front view.


Copper barrel dormer flat seam roofs - ground view.


Copper barrel dormer standing seam roof - low slope roof.


The picture above and the one below are before and after views of the same area from different angles.

Copper barrel dormer standing seam roof with 180 degree radius.