Copper Chimney Caps and Shrouds

Copper chimney caps are designed to be attached to a projecting masonry flue liner. If your chimney has one or more exhaust openings that lack a flue liner that extends at least 4" above the top of your chimney, or if your flue liners are less than 5" apart, then you would need to use a copper chimney shroud, instead of a cap (or caps). Shrouds are designed to cover the entire top of your chimney, and are the only appropriate solution in such a case.

You may already know that chimneys are, more often that not, out-of-square. This is most often seen in the case of brick, stone, or stucco chimneys, rather than those with wood or vinyl siding. We prefer to perform both the fabrication and installation of our shrouds, but we can manufacture and ship this item to you if you know the exact size and squareness of your chimney. If you are within 150 miles of Indianapolis, we can make a preliminary visit in order to inspect the condion of your chimney, take precise measurements, and check for squareness.

The chimney in the first picture below was 1 1/2" out-of-square. A chimney shroud that was square would have left a very noticeable, uneven reveal between the copper and the brick. We made the shrouds in the first two pictures below intentionally out-of-square to custom fit each flue. That way, there is no variation in the gap (or "reveal") between the brick and the shroud from one end to the other (these caps were designed to fit over the flue like a shoe box lid).

If you desire something different from what you see here, we would be happy to assist you design and build a chimney cap or shroud that meets your specifications.


Custom copper chimney cap shroud with flat top.


Custom copper chimney cap (or shroud) - ground view.


The chimney cap shown below was made to fit a flue with no clay flue liner. This chimney was constructed using only brick, so there was nothing to which a "regular" cap could be attached.


Custom copper chimney cap for chimney with no clay liner.


The shroud below features an interal wind baffle, requested by the customer to solve a down-draft issue. When he wasn't using his fireplace, fumes from his water heater were being drawn down into his living room. Also, he had multiple leaks over several years that he could not stop with the application of numerous "quick fix" products. We installed this shroud in May of 2010, and haven't heard a word since.


Custom copper chimney cap (or shroud) with hinged access.


Custom copper chimney cap (or shroud) with hinged access, installed.


Custom copper chimney cap flue cover shroud.


Custom copper chimney cap flue cover shroud, with patina.


It may be necessary to schedule a visit to your home prior to the fabrication of your copper chimney cap or shroud. If you know the exact length and width of the top of your chimney, and the size, height, and relative location of the flue liner(s), we could build your cap in our shop, and make only one trip to your home to install it. This may be possible in the case of a newly constructed chimney. Otherwise (which is almost always the case) we would need to first visually inspect and measure your chimney.

Please be wary of claims that these can be built and shipped to you from a far away land, and that they will fit perfectly. No element of your home will ever be built exactly like the blueprint. There are always minor (and sometimes major) variations that can only be properly addressed in the first person. We don't just fabricate these items for your home, we also install them. That means we take full responsibility for the proper fabrication and installation of everything we make. You will not be left wondering who to point the finger at if something doesn't fit. If there are any irregularities in your chimney's construction, we will make sure they are properly addressed before we perform the installation. All you will need to do is look up and enjoy your finished product.

All of the shrouds and caps on this page were designed by a joint effort between each of these customers and our company. Suggestions were presented and discussed, until each customer approved their final design. We can do this for you, also. Or, if you see a style you like in the above pictures, just let us know.