Welcome to a visual tour of the various services provided by Custom Copper Works!

The intent of this site is to provide information for our customers to utilize in assessing the level of quality of our services. In various places throughout this site you will see "before" pictures, which will show potential ways to "improve", rather than just "replace", during the repair of your home.

This is not an e-commerce site, which means it is not intended for direct sales. That is because all the items we fabricate and install are custom made, just for you! If you like what you see, please contact us so we can give you a free quote. We would love to assist you with your project!

And, please, enjoy the view!

Custom copper standing seam bay window hood roof with curved copper counter flashing, and miniature custom copper gutter.


Copper barrel dormer standing seam roof.

 Custom copper bow or bay window hood roof.

Custom copper chimney cap, shroud, or topper. 

Barrel Dormers

Bowed Copper Hoods

Chimney Shrouds


Copper Gutters

Copper Hoods

Counter Flashing